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BIKE FRIDAY NEW WORLD TOURIST -- 21 speeds, red -- $900
JUST IN!The ultimate travel bike from the leader in upscale travel folding bikes! American made, the World Tourist folds into the included Samsonite suitcase with packing materials. Adjustable seat mast and drop-style handlebars for proper fit. Shimano STI shifting controls a 7-speed rear derailleur and Sachs internal 3-speed hub. V-brakes bring the bike to a quick stop. 20in wheels roll on Schwalbe Marathon Kevlar tires. Alloy cranks with chainguard, sealed bottom bracket. Special fittings for racks, fenders and trailer. Conventional pedals. Excellent condition.

42cm/Extra-Small FUJI NEWEST 4.0 -- 24 speeds, blue/silver/white -- $400 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Fuji size) 2012 model in like-new condition. The 6061 aluminum frame and chrome-moly steel fork make this bike ride smoothly. Shimano components include derailleurs and down-tube indexed down-tube shift levers. Fuji triple cranks, alloy quick-release wheels with Kenda tires, conventional pedals.

43cm CANNONDALE 650 -- 21 speeds, purple/blue -- $400 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Lightweight flat bar road bike conversion uses 650c/26in wheels. All-aluminum frame and fork are handmade in the US. Equipped with triple cranks for hill climbing, twist-grip shifters, cushion saddle. Matrix 550 wheels have smooth-tread Specialized Fat Boy tires. Includes conventional pedals. Excellent condition -- cool bike!

48cm TREK 1220 -- 21 speeds, green -- $400
RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)

49cm TREK PILOT 2.1 -- 27 speeds, burnished aluminum -- $750 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Lightweight ride uses ZR9000 custom aluminum tubing with carbon seat stays and a Bontrager carbon fiber fork and seatpost. Shimano 105 derailleurs and STI shifting with optical gear display. Bontrager cranks, dual-pivot brakes. Bontrager riser stem and Select bars complete the package. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

50cm CANNONDALE R300 -- 16 speeds, metallic blue/purple fade -- $450 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) US-made aluminum frame has unique "shortened" rear stays and an alloy fork. Rebuilt using a full Shimano Sora drivetrain: derailleurs with STI shifting, cranks and derailleurs. Tektro dual-pivot brakes, quick-release wheels feature Formula hubs, Mavic/Alex rims and Kenda tires. Very good condition with paint chipping on fork. Includes conventional pedals.

Small/50cm FUJI NEWEST 3.0 -- 24 speeds, blue/white -- $475 (Photo)
(Fuji size) Fuji aluminum frame with an FC90 carbon fork and nice features found on more-expensive bikes. Compact frame design and high-rise adjustable stem provide a comfortable, upright position. Shimano derailleurs with integrated shifters, triple cranks, dual-pivot brakes with auxiliary brake levers. Alex rims are laced to Formula hubs. Original "system" bike has matching handlebars, stem and seatpost. Includes basic pedals. Excellent condition.

50cm/Extra Small RALEIGH SPORT -- 24 speeds, red/black -- $400 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh size) Budget model has a 6061 aluminum frame with chrome-moly fork, cool paint and all the desired features. Shimano derailleurs with STI shifting, Truvativ Isoflow triple cranks for easy hill climbing, high-rise adjustable stem, anatomic handlebars, comfortable saddle. Wheels feature Alex DA-16 aero rims on quick-release hubs and Vittoria Zaffiro tires. Includes conventional pedals. Excellent condition.

51cm BIANCHI EROS -- 24 speeds, dark green -- $650
RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)

52cm LEMOND WAYZATA -- 27 speeds, brown -- $650 (Photo)
(Lemond size) High-performance flat-bar road bike could perform triple duty as a cyclocross bike, commuter or upright recreational bike. Lightweight TIG-welded Reynolds 853 air-hardened steel frame and fork are built with Shimano Tiagra derailleurs and cranks, and Bontrager Select paired-spoke wheels. Other features: Avid Single Digit 3 V-brakes, riser stem, Bontrager seatpost, cushion saddle. Very good condition. (Priced without pedals.)

53cm TREK 320 -- 24 speeds, teal -- $375
RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)

Medium GIANT FCR2 -- 27 speeds, silver -- $450 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Giant size) Lightweight flat-bar road bike/performance hybrid is in excellent condition. Aluxx 6000-series butted aluminum frame with rear rack mounts, carbon fork, integrated headset. Drivetrain features Truvativ cranks, SRAM X-5 derailleurs with X-7 shifters. Xero Lite XSR-4 high-performance wheels have narrow Kenda Kwest tires. Includes WTB saddle and alloy pedals with toe clips and straps.

54cm CANNONDALE R300 -- 24 speeds, yellow -- $475 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Cannondale size) CAAD 2 aluminum frame is matched to a reliable chrome-moly fork. Shimano Sora STI shifters and triple cranks, upgraded Tiagra rear derailleur and 105 dual-pivot brakes. Coda hubs are laced to Mavic CXP-11 aero rims with Kenda Kampaign high-performance tires. Specialized Body Geometry saddle, Icon riser stem, conventional pedals. Very good condition.

54cm/Medium SCHWINN FASTBACK SPORT -- 24 speeds, dark gray -- $475 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Schwinn size) Custom-designed in the USA of Silver Label 7000-series aluminum tubing with carbon fork and integrated headset. Equipped more nicely than most entry-level bikes with Shimano Sora STI shifters and hubs, Mavic CXP-22 aero rims, Kenda Kontender tires. Tektro dual-pivot brakes, Truvativ ISO Flow cranks, Shimano derailleurs. Serfas cushion saddle and conventional pedals, too. Very good condition.

55cm JAMIS QUEST -- 27 speeds, titanium chrome -- $650 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Jamis size) Nice-riding steel bike in very good condition. TIG-welded Reynolds 631 frame combines with a Kinesis carbon fork and Chris King headset. Drivetrain features Shimano 105 cranks, derailleurs and STI shifters. Mavic Cosmos wheels have Continental Ultra Race tires. Pave saddle, riser stem and Ritchey BioMax Pro bars make up the cockpit. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm CANNONDALE CAD2 -- 24 speeds, black -- $550 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) U.S.-made welded aluminum frame with an upgraded Kestrel EMS carbon fork. Set up as a sport bike to climb hills as well as go fast. New Shimano STI shifters, Shimano Sora cranks and derailleurs, Shimano dual-pivot brakes, Modolo handlebars and stem. Formula hubs are laced to Alex rims. Excellent condition, some scuffs and scratches. Complete with conventional pedals.

56cm TREK 1000 -- 24 speeds, gray/silver -- $450 (Photo)
(Trek size) Popular model features Trek's Alpha aluminum frame and carbon fork. Integrated headset, too. Shimano components, including Sora STI shifters and front derailleur, Tiagra rear derailleur. Bontrager triple cranks, dual-pivot brakes, Alex aero wheels with Hutchinson tires. Bontrager seat, handlebars and riser stem. Includes conventional pedals. Very good condition.

56cm TREK PILOT 1.2 -- 27 speeds, rage red -- $550 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Trek size) Comfortable ride sports an Alpha SL aluminum frame and Bontrager Satellite Plus carbon fork. Parts include Shimano Tiagra STI shifters, hubs and front derailleur, Shimano 105 rear derailleur. Bontrager cranks, dual-pivot brakes, auxiliary brake levers, carbon seatpost. Bontrager saddle and Race Lite Hardcase tires. Conventional pedals. Very good condition.

22.5in MIYATA 310 -- 12 speeds, gray -- $220
RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description.)

Large GIANT OCR C3 -- 30 speeds, black/natural carbon -- $1100 (Photo)
(Giant size) Sporty "Formula One" full-carbon frameset with extended head tube for less-aggressive handlebar positioning. Nicely equipped with Shimano 105 derailleurs, STI shifters, cranks and dual-pivot brakes. XeroLite paired-spoke wheels have Michelin Lithion tires. Ergonomic bars, Alliante Twin-Flex saddle. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

Large JAMIS VENTURA COMP -- 27 speeds, silver/black -- $700 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Jamis size) Good-looking sport bike is built around an aluminum frame and Kinesis Pro straight-leg carbon fork. Dependable Shimano 105/Tiagra derailleurs and STI shifters, Truvativ Touro cranks. Shimano R500 wheels have new CST tires. Easton handlebars and seatpost. Excellent condition, only a few scrapes. (Priced without pedals.)

Large SCHWINN LETOUR -- 24 speeds, two-tone gray -- $425 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Schwinn size) In a new twist to a revered model, this modern sport performance bike features a 7000-series aluminum frame with rear rack mounts and eyelets. Componentry includes Shimano Sora STI integrated shifting, Truvativ cranks, dual-pivot brakes. Alloy quick-release wheels have Continental tires. Upright handlebar stem, auxiliary brake levers, conventional pedals. Very good condition.

57cm/Large SPECIALIZED SIRRUS ELITE -- 16 speeds, silver -- $575
(Specialized size) Flat bar design sports a full Premium butted aluminum frame with rear rack mounts and eyelets matched to a carbon fork with Zertz inserts for a smooth ride. Shimano derailleurs and Rapid Fire shifters -- upgraded to compact cranks for hill climbing. Formula hubs are laced to strong Alex rims, Bontrager touring tires. Also: powerful V-brakes, upright stem, suspension seatpost, conventional pedals. Very good condition.

58cm RALEIGH R-600 -- 16 speeds, metallic red -- $500 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh size) Good-looking sport bike in excellent condition. Oversize 7000-series double-butted aluminum frame, alloy fork with sloping crown. Built with a full Shimano 105 groupset: cranks, derailleurs, hubs and brakes. Rear STI shifter upgraded to Shimano 600. Mavic CXP10 rims, Seca FCS tires, etc. (Priced without pedals.)

58cm TREK 1200 -- 14 speeds, black -- $250
RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)

58cm TREK PILOT 2.1 SPA -- 30 speeds, black/gray -- $900 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) ZR9000 aluminum frame with carbon fiber seat stays has special "Buzz Kill" elastomers built into the seat stay yoke as well as the carbon fork to soak up road shock. Equipped with Shimano 105 components with an upgraded Ultegra rear derailleur and Bontrager Select paired-spoke wheels. Other features include Cane Creek SCR-3 dual-pivot brakes and Bontrager carbon seatpost, seat, handlebars (with Buzz Kill plugs) and stem. Excellent condition -- a very smooth-riding bike. (Priced without pedals.)

60cm KHS TURBO -- 14 speeds, two-tone green -- $375
JUST IN!RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)

60cm NOVARA DIVANO -- 27 speeds, red/black -- $650 (Photo)
(Novara size) Upscale performance road bike features a 6061 aluminum frame and carbon fork, Shimano Tiagra derailleurs and STI shifters with built-in cable adjusters and FSA Vero triple cranks. A-Class A200 performance wheels, Vittoria Zaffiro tires, Tektro dual-pivot brakes. Ritchey oversized anatomic handlebars, high-rise stem and Selle saddle. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

62cm TERRANAUT SWIFT -- 21 speeds, metallic gray -- $285
JUST IN!RETRO!(See Retro Sport listing for description and photo.)


59cm TREK 1220 -- blue/purple fade -- $100 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Sporty Easton ProGram taper-wall aluminum tubing and chrome-moly fork are ready for the miles. Downtube shifter bosses, front and rear eyelets, pump peg on head tube. Very good condition, but paint is scraped on the rear of the seat tube.

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46cm QUINTANA ROO ZERO GRAVITY -- 18 speeds, black -- $650 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Handmade in the US using fillet brazing techniques, this lightweight triathlon-specific model is made to go fast. Aero alloy fork has a fully sloping crown. Shimano Ultegra hubs are laced to Mavic CXP12 650 wheels with Continental Ultra Gatorskin tires. Shimano 105 STI shifters and derailleurs, Shimano 600 cranks, Dia-Compe aero brakes. Sleek Stronglight headset, Specialized Body Geometry saddle. Some scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

Extra-Small GIANT TCR C2 -- 20 speeds, metallic blue/natural carbon -- $1250 (Photo)
(Giant size) High-performance carbon-frame road bike with aero fork is in excellent condition. Shimano Ultegra derailleurs and STI shifters hook up with FSA SLK compact carbon cranks and Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels with bladed spokes. Dual-pivot brakes, Easton EA50 bars, Alliante saddle, Continental 4-Season Grand Prix tires. Light and fast. (Priced without pedals.)

Small GIANT OCR1 -- 27 speeds, silver/metallic blue -- $700 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Giant size) Small and fast! Aluxx 6061 butted aluminum frame uses an aero carbon fork up front and Shimano Ultegra equipment: cranks, derailleurs, STI shifters, brakes. Velocity performance wheels with radial spoke pattern on front wheel, new Bontrager tires. Cushioned anatomic women's saddle, stem riser. Very good condition. (Priced without pedals.)

50cm EDDY MERCKX ALU TEAM -- 18 speeds, pearl white -- $1500 (Photo)
(Merckx size) A classic collectible! Rare aluminum model with Profile Design BSC carbon fork features full Shimano Dura Ace equipment: STI shifters, cranks, derailleurs, dual-pivot brakes, cassette and seatpost. Rolf Vector Comp wheels, Chris King headset, TTT Prima handlebars, Selle Italia Flite Titanium saddle. Like-new condition. (Priced without pedals.)

51cm BIANCHI SAN LORENZO -- 18 speeds, celeste/black/red -- $1450 (Photo)
(Measured c-t) Amazingly light high-perfomance bike features a Scandium SC Light butted frame mated to an upgraded Litespeed Light Tech titanium-enhanced carbon fork and integrated headset. Shimano Dura-Ace equipment includes STI shifters, derailleurs, cranks, brakes and bottom bracket. Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels have Vittoria Rubino Pro tires. Deda carbon seatpost, ITM handlebars and stem, too. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

53cm KLEIN QUANTUM II -- 16 speeds, chameleon blue -- $750 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Classic road model in fantastic condition has unique paint that changes color depending on the angle of light, as well as several expensive and tasteful upgrades. Handmade aluminum frame built to exacting standards with smooth welds and internal cable routing is upgraded with the addition of a Torelli carbon fork. Other upgrades include an Aheadset threadless headset, Ritchey stem and Terry Dragon Fly saddle. Shimano 600 derailleurs, STI shifters, dual-pivot brakes, cranks and hubs. Matrix Aurora alloy rims, Michelin Bi-Sport tires. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

53cm LEMOND BUENOS AIRES -- 27 speeds, red -- $775 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Lightweight Reynolds 853 air-hardened steel frame is coupled with a carbon fork for a high-performance ride. Popular higher-end model sports Shimano Ultegra components, including derailleurs and Flight Deck STI shifters, dual-pivot brakes, triple cranks, chain and cassette. Upgraded Bontrager Aero rear wheel. Bontrager Race Lite tires, 3T bars and stem with a comfortable rise, Serfas Deep Groove gel saddle. Excellent condition, some minor scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

54cm FUJI TEAM -- 18 speeds, yellow/white -- $775 (Photo)
(Fuji size) Super-light performance model features an X Fusion aluminum frame coupled with a bladed carbon fork and integrated headset. Shimano Ultegra package includes STI shifters, cranks, derailleurs, dual-pivot brakes and cassette. Like-new Xero XR-1 high-performance wheels, Michelin Pro Race tires, Ritchey seatpost, WTB saddle. Very good condition, some minor scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

Medium SCHWINN FASTBACK COMP -- 16 speeds, red -- $600 (Photo)
(Schwinn size) Very nice smaller bike features Gold Label "N'Litened" butted aluminum frame tubing and a Reynolds Ouzu Comp carbon fork. Equipped with a full Shimano 105 group: derailleurs, shifters, cranks, hubs and brakes. Alex R500 wheels have Vittoria Zaffiro tires. Also: Serfas grooved gel saddle, upright Salsa stem and 3TTT bars. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

55cm GT ZR 1.0 -- 18 speeds, orange/black/blue -- (Was $1250) Now $1100 (Photo)
NEW PRICE!(Measured c-c) High-end bike with expensive upgrades. Custom Easton 6061 taper-wall aluminum frame built in the USA, upgraded Reynolds Ouza Pro carbon fork. Equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace derailleurs, STI shifters, cranks, brakes and bottom bracket. High-performance Cane Creek Crono wheels have Specialized S-Works tires. Also: Easton carbon seatpost, Chris King headset, Deda Newton handlebars and stem. Very good condition. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm CANNONDALE CAAD4 -- 27 speeds, yellow -- $550 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Cannondale size) Lightweight US-made oversize aluminum frame and Time straight-leg carbon fork are built up for fast sport riding. Shimano Ultegra derailleurs, Sora STI shifters with optical gear displays, Sugino triple cranks and Bontrager SSR low-spoke-count wheels. Specialized relieved, padded saddle, medium-rise stem. In excellent condition, with new brakes, foldable tires, chain, tape, etc. Small dent in chain stay. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm CANNONDALE SYNAPSE 5 -- 20 speeds, black -- $800 (Photo)
(Cannondale size) US-made 2009 model is built with an aluminum frame featuring an "Active Vibration Elimination System" and an Ultra carbon fork. Shimano 105 components include STI shifters and derailleurs. FSA Omega compact cranks, Shimano RS-10 wheels with Continental tires, Tektro dual-pivot brakes. Cockpit components: Cannondale carbon seatpost, San Marco saddle and Cannondale oversize handlebars. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm FUJI ROUBAIX PRO -- 20 speeds, yellow/black -- $900 (Photo)
(Fuji size) Upscale Altair 2 butted aluminum frame with high-modulus seat stays and FC-770 bladed carbon fork features smooth welds, a cool paint scheme and a Cane Creek integrated headset in a sleek package. FSA Gossamer Compact cranks with Mega EXO outboard bearings, Shimano 105 STI shifters and front derailleur, Ultegra rear derailleur. A-Class aerodynamic wheels have Vittoria Rubino Pro tires. Upgraded Shimano Ultegra dual-pivot brakes. Fuji handlebars, stem, seatpost and matching saddle. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm SPECIALIZED ROUBAIX -- 30 speeds, white -- $875 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Specialized size) Columbus E5 SLX aluminum frame with carbon seat stays and Zertz inserts are designed for performance with a somewhat less-aggressive and more comfortable riding position. Specialized Fact full-carbon fork with Zertz inserts, Cane Creek headset. Equipped with Shimano 105 STI shifters and derailleurs, FSA Gossamer triple cranks with Mega EXO bottom bracket, dual-pivot brakes. Specialized hubs are laced to Mavic Open Sport rims with high-performance Bontrager tires. Easton oversized aluminum handlebars and Zoom adjustable seatpost top it off. Excellent condition, some scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

Large MERLIN FORTIUS -- 20 speeds, black/natural -- $1650 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Merlin size) Handbuilt in the USA from 3Al/2.5V titanium throughout. Factory-original full-carbon fork, too! Highlighting its meticulous and visually pleasing "puddle" welds, Merlin became known as the Lamborghini of bicycle frames. This excellent example is built with Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed hardware, including STI shifters, derailleurs, brakes, hubs and cassette. Modern FSA Gossamer compact cranks complete the package. Mavic Open Pro rims, Thompson Elite zero-setback seatpost, Deda Newton stem, Salsa Poco handlebars, Fi'zi:k saddle with titanium rails. Very lightweight! Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

58cm TREK 2200 -- 27 speeds, blue -- $800 (Photo)
(Trek size) Trek's exclusive Alpha aluminum frame with Icon OCLV Air Rail carbon fork and Cane Creek threadless headset. Built with Shimano Ultegra STI shifters, cranks and rear derailleur. Upgraded Shimano aero wheels, Shimano 105 dual-pivot brakes. Serfas gel saddle, Bontrager Race handlebars and stem. Very light, fast -- and with all decals removed, stealthy. (Priced without pedals.)

59cm RALEIGH GRAND PRIX -- 20 speeds, silver -- $800 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh Size) Atomic 13 SL aluminum frame with cool graphics is matched to an Easton EC70 carbon fork. Nicely equipped with Shimano 105 STI shifters and front derailleur, Ultegra rear derailleur. Other components: upgraded Shimano WH-R540 wheels, Truvativ Elita compact cranks, Tektro dual-pivot brakes. Very good condition, some scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

60cm SALSA CAMPEON -- 18 speeds, black/red-orange -- $875 (Photo)
(Salsa size) Flashy boutique-brand road machine features Scandium butted aluminum tubing with wishbone-style carbon rear stays and a full-carbon fork. Built with Shimano Tiagra derailleurs, shifters and dual-pivot brakes, Bontrager Race cranks. Reduced-spoke-count DT Swiss 1.0 wheels laced radially in front, new foldable tires. New ITM stem and handlebars. Easton seatpost and Fi'zi:k Pave saddle. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

Extra Large GIANT OCR1 -- 27 speeds, white/black -- $700 (Photo)
(Giant size) Top-of-the-line OCR model sports extra-light ALUXX aluminum frame tubing in a compact design. Original Giant bladed carbon fork with integrated headset. Nicely equipped with Shimano 105 equipment, including STI shifters, derailleurs, cranks, hubs, dual-pivot brakes and cassette. Mavic CXP22 aero rims, Specialized all-condition tires, upgraded carbon seatpost, high-rise adjustable stem, Selle Italia Trans Am saddle. Very good condition, some scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

61cm SPECIALIZED ALLEZ PRO -- 27 speeds, burnished/black zebra -- $1175 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Specialized size) High-line race bike looks almost new! Lightweight Columbus Max SLX alloy tubes are shaped and joined with smoothed welding in a semi-compact design. Specialized C4 fork is all carbon. Top-shelf Shimano Dura-Ace derailleurs, STI shifters, triple cranks and brakes. Bontrager Race Lite wheel in the rear and Bontrager Race in the front. Both feature sealed-bearing hubs and bladed spokes, Continental Gatorskin tires. Semi-adjustable Specialized stem is mated to an FSA Wing Pro handlebar with thin gel padding. Specialized Avatar Body Geometry relieved gel saddle is supported by a carbon seatpost. Very nice. (Priced without pedals.)

62cm CANNONDALE 900 -- 16 speeds, red -- $650
RETRO!(See Retro Race listing for description and photo.)


Medium SCHWINN FASTBACK COMP -- black/red -- $235
(Schwinn size) NEW! New-old-stock frame for riders 5'6" to 5'10" is built of Select N'lightened 6000-series aluminum with a replaceable derailleur hanger and rear rack mounts. Accepts a 1-1/8in integrated headset. Includes seatpost clamp.

56cm KESTREL 200 EMS -- multicolor over black -- (Was $450) Now $400 (Photo)
NEW PRICE!(Measured c-c) Extra-light carbon model from the mid-1990s has eye-catching custom paint by CycleArt. Fully "sculpted" carbon frame has aero down and seat tubes, monostay rear end, 1in threaded carbon fork. Looks like new!

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19in RALEIGH R300 -- 24 speeds, metallic red -- $350 (Photo)
(Raleigh size) Good-looking US-made touring model converted to flat bars for city and country cruising. 7005-series aluminum frame combines with a unicrown chrome-moly fork and Shimano RSX cranks and derailleurs. Sram Grip Shift gear controls, Tektro V-brakes, cushion saddle, standard pedals with toe clips and straps. Quick-release wheels feature Parallax hubs and Weinmann rims. Excellent condition, minor paint chipping.

49cm RALEIGH DASH AL -- 12 speeds, blue/black -- $300 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Interesting touring model is light and nicely equipped. Raleigh's exclusive Technium thermally bonded Alcoa aluminum frame and chrome-moly fork have rear rack mounts and eyelets with ample clearance for racks, fenders and wider tires. Set up with indexed stem shifters, cantllever brakes and special brake levers for smaller hands. Other equipment includes Ritchey Logic cranks, Matrix Titan S alloy rims and Specialized All-Condition tires. Would make a good touring or cyclocross bike with some modifications. Conventional pedals. Very good condition.

50cm BIANCHI VOLPE -- 21 speeds, jade/blue -- $300
RETRO!(See Retro Touring listing for description and photo.)


58cm REDLINE CONQUEST PRO -- candy blue/white -- (Was $185) Now $165 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Measured c-c) TIG-welded Kinesis aluminum frame designed for cylcocrossing or heavy touring. Lemond unicrown aluminum fork, removable derailleur hanger. Accepts cantilever brakes. 2004 model includes Ritchey threadless headset. Excellent condition.

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No listings at this time...

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20in/18in CANNONDALE MT1000 -- 24 speeds, green -- $1000
JUST IN!(Cannondale size) Very nice mountain-style tandem with 26in wheels has been converted for road use. All-aluminum frame with oversized tubing and tandem-specific fork. Tandem-quality parts include Shimano Deore XT Rapid Fire shifters, V-brakes and hubs. Sugino XD triple cranks, Shimano 105 front derailleur. Matching Coda saddles, rear suspension seatpost, Sun Rhyno Lite rims with high-pressure road tires. Excellent condition with very low miles. (Priced without pedals.)


No listings at this time...

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